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Background of IPM Services’ Business

Our company, IPM Services Co., Ltd. has been established as a professional firm to provide the comprehensive advisory services for clients who would carry out overseas business and project in respect of construction, development, and sale of relevant products. (IPM stands for International Project Management)


Taking into consideration of the following issues, we ought to support Japanese companies who are seeking a business chance penetrating overseas market as well as overseas company and investors who are willing to penetrate Japanese market:

(a)  Due to a decline in construction industry in Japan, increasingly, many Japanese companies have ventured on the overseas business.

(b)  As Japanese market becomes more globalized, many investors and international companies are looking for their Japanese counterpart.

(c)   It is likely to have various business risks at overseas market that are totally unexpected for Japanese company.

(d)  It is the basis of making global business successful to carry out the comprehensive market research and calculation of business risks involved at the right time and by reliable professionals.

(e)  It is no easy task, if undertaken by in-house staff only to carry out the establishment of global business, international tender exercise, project and risk management, trouble shooting, selection of overseas partners, training of management staff and any other relevant issues in respect of overseas business.