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Basic Services (in brief)

  •    To minimize Clients’ business risk and maximize their business profit by providing our professional services based on practical knowledge, specialist know how and vast experiences.
  •  To make Clients’ global business more viable by providing strategic risk management services that would hedge or reduce their unexpected business risks involved.
  •  To provide comprehensive services by the project team formed of our core members and associates who has more than 20 years’ experience in overseas project and has managed several international projects successfully and such services would be custom made for each Client’s requirement. 


 In addition to the above basic services, we would like to propose that IPM Services would assist any foreign company who is willing to penetrate Japanese market with their technologies, system, products, etc. but not have their counterpart yet in Japan. As we have a powerful connection in private sectors as well as public organizations, we could provide relevant services to get a useful piece of information, to introduce the interest party, to support the marketing and so on being their liaison office in Japan.