Dr. Yoshio Matsumoto

・Doctor (Eng) , University of Tokyo

・JSCE fellow, Executive Professional Civil Engineer

Fellow of Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.


Dr. Yoshio Matsumoto was an advisor to and former President of Kumagai Gumi Co. Ltd., a major international contractor based in Japan, and was Vice Chairman of the Land Improvement Construction Association of Japan. Dr. Matsumoto has been involved in large-scale infrastructure projects, such as underground railways and highways in Asia as a project manager and project director for fifteen years. He also has extensive experience in the development, financing, marketing, bidding and promotion of major construction projects in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippine, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. He also has extensive experience in business restructuring and recapitalization.  


He is an expert in:-

1. Advisory services for an international tender exercise and a risk management of construction business.

Through his successful experience as a project manager and a project director in management of international construction projects and his vast experience as a company director, it is confirmed that the key for success is to plan and implement the strategy for undertaking of project and its risk management. Contractor oriented advice considering such key for success would be provided to meet client’s requirement for their construction business.

   2. Advisory services for operation and risk management of private investment project.

With his know-how to make EHC project (i.e. BOT project with road cum sub-way undersea tunnel and a housing development) a highly profitable business and management skill to turnaround them or make exit from its business in Asia, EU and USA, professional advice to executive board of Japanese company would be provided for due operation of the said investment project and its risk management.

 3. Advisory services in respect of PFI project.

As a pioneer of international BOT projects, the practical and comprehensive advice with valuable know-how to plan and implement of PFI project would be provided on every stage of the said project.