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Mr.Joseph Ferrigno

Joseph Ferrigno is Managing Partner of AMCG Partners and is chairman of the Fund’s Investment Committee and the AMCG Investment Review Committee. He has been a pioneer and leader in the investment management and banking businesses in the Asia region since 1984. Mr. Ferrigno has been principally involved with private equity/mezzanine fund management and with the development and financing of infrastructure, energy, telecom and Internet businesses while at Lehman Brothers, Ferrigno & Associates, the Bechtel Group and Prudential Financial of the United States. Earlier, he was with the Chase Manhattan Bank and Bankers Trust Company in New York and London. He received a Bachelor of Science in Economics from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  He is a Visiting Professor at Ritsumeikan University in Japan.

In 1991, Mr. Ferrigno initiated the establishment of a specialist infrastructure private equity fund management company owned by Ferrigno & Associates, Peregrine Capital, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Frank Russell & Co. and the Soros Group, which launched and managed the US$780 million Asian Infrastructure Fund and the US$160 million Asia Telecom Fund, the first of their kind.

From 1993 to 1995, he was Managing Director Asia Pacific of Bechtel Enterprises, the development, finance and investment subsidiary of the Bechtel Group and was involved in the development and financing of infrastructure projects and direct investment funds in which Bechtel was a limited partner.

In 1996, Mr. Ferrigno initiated and co-founded Prudential Asia Infrastructure Investors Limited (PAII) with Prudential Financial of the U.S and in 1997 led the launch of the first Mezzanine Capital fund in Asia, the US$246 million Asian Infrastructure Mezzanine Capital Fund, for which Prudential Financial acted as Sponsor and ADB is a Core Investor, and was Chairman of its Investment Committee until March 2002.

Mr.Russell Black


Russell Black is Managing Director of personal consulting company, Leafcutter Ltd.  Recent assignments are the strategic project advice to Regional Rail Link Project, Melbourne Australia, the expert witness for Arbitration and the Peer review of Metro Melbourne Rail Project in Australia.

Mr. Black is currently a Board Member of the New Zealand Governments Earthquake Commissions, expert panel adviser to North West Rail Link Project, Sydney, Australia and adviser to the City Rail Link Project in Auckland, New Zealand.

He was the former Executive Director of MTR Corporation Ltd. Hong Kong. He worked for MTR from 1976 to 1984, and prior to rejoining to MTR as Project Director in 1992, he was Project Director of London Underground Jublee Line Extension. He was the former non-executive Board Member of Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd. Australia.

Russell Black is a Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineers, UK., Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Science, and Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand. He received a Bachelor of Engineering 1969 from University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He is a Visiting Professor of Ritsumeikan University in Japan.