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  1. Date of Incorporation: September 1, 2010
  2. Paid-up Capital: Yen 10,000,000
  3. Directors 
    Chairman & President       Yoshio Matsumoto

Main Objectives

1. To provide the consulting and management services as well as  professional advice in respect of the planning, design and   completion of construction, natural resource & energy   development, the environment, real estate development. 

2. To provide the consulting services and technical advice for the  preliminary study and planning of the proposed project such as   construction, natural resource & energy development, the  environment, real estate development. 

3. To provide the professional advice, consulting and management  services in respect of PPP and PFI project.

4. To provide the advice and consulting/management services in  respect of the operation and risk management for the global business.

5. To provide any professional services in connection with the above-mentioned objectives.